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Checkout REST API

Learn how the Checkout REST API works.

The only required step for using Zonos Checkout is to create a cart and post the items to the checkout. The second endpoint for retrieving orders is recommended, but not required.

If you have limited capabilities to modify your platform, few international orders, or limited development resources, you may opt to create a cart only and then retrieve orders manually. Changing or updating orders via the API is also not required even if you create carts and retrieve orders via the Zonos Checkout APIs.


Our service-oriented architecture includes the following REST APIs for integrating our Zonos Checkout.

Create a checkout

Sends cart information and items from the customer’s cart.

Retrieve an order

Gets data for a completed order.

Update an order

Updates certain information on completed orders.

Passing a cart to Zonos

Integration with Zonos technology allows you to direct customers to a customized international checkout for an optimal buying experience.

There are two main ways of accomplishing this:

  1. The Zonos JS (JavaScript) integration is a quick, JavaScript-based solution that makes it easy to pass a customer’s cart contents (and the customer) to our checkout.
  2. The API integration provides additional security and allows for added data to be passed.

Zonos JS integration

Zonos JS is the simplest and quickest method of integration. Our development team will assess your shopping cart structure, then create a customized JavaScript that will:

  • Pull certain pieces of essential data, such as product name and product price (see the item-specific request parameters below), from your shopping cart page.
  • Place a customizable international checkout button on your shopping cart page.
  • Pass the pulled parameters from your site to our international checkout via the checkout button.
  • Allow for the passing of customized information, such as discount codes.

When the custom JS script is made ready for you, it will need to be installed in the head or body of the HTML on your shopping cart page.

API integration

We want to make it both simple and secure to integrate with the Zonos Checkout. An API integration uses HTTPS to connect to the Zonos server with basic request parameters to pass over individual product details with integrity.

Retrieving orders from Zonos

Collecting orders from Zonos after they have been placed can be done by RESTful API or by International Order Notification (ION). Calling the API quickly and automatically fetches each order from Zonos. It is the automated method for retrieving orders.

In cases where developers aren’t available or for cases with very low international order volumes, the International Order Notification service is available. International Order Notification is a service that sends an email out, informing you of each international order along with its contents and customer information. The orders will then need to be manually entered into your system by one of your employees.

International Order Notification (ION) service

The International Order Notification service sends an email to the email address(es) of your choice upon receipt of an approved international order. The email contains all pertinent information about the order, including product details, customer shipping information, and customer billing information. To opt in for this service, reach out to us.

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