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Zonos International Checkout
Zonos Duty & Tax
Zonos Hello


Landed cost apps

Zonos International Checkout
Zonos Duty & Tax
Zonos Hello


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Zonos International Checkout
Zonos Duty & Tax
Zonos Hello


Landed cost modules

Zonos International Checkout
Zonos Hello


Landed cost cartridge

Zonos Duty & Tax
Zonos Hello

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Zonos JS
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Zonos makes it easy to get a total landed cost for your international shoppers. With our many integration types, the options are endless!

Frequently asked questions about plugins

Still have questions? Our sales team can help determine which Zonos plugin, app, module or integration is right for you.

What does Zonos do?

Zonos is a software company specializing in landed cost technology to solve cross-border challenges. We offer our landed cost engine in various ways and continue to create products and services to solve additional frustrations with selling and doing business internationally.

What is Zonos International Checkout?

Zonos International Checkout is our technology solution designed for international checkout. Our software may be supported either on your current platform with a plugin or via a simple call to the API to retrieve a Zonos International Checkout session. Customers add products to their cart as normal but will be redirected to the Zonos International Checkout to complete their international order.

What is Zonos Duty and Tax?

Zonos Duty and Tax (also known as Zonos Landed Cost) is our quick and simple landed cost integration into your current checkout platform. We deliver a true total landed cost calculation, including the sum of duties, taxes, and additional fees from customs, brokers, or the shipping carrier.

What is Zonos Hello?

Zonos Hello is a completely free widget that helps ecommerce websites globalize the shopping experience for their international shoppers. Hello welcomes shoppers in their language so they immediately recognize the business sells and ships internationally. Hello also provides customs fees and estimated costs for duties and tax as shoppers add items to their cart with prices converted to their local currency based on GeoIP recognition and the latest currency exchange rates.

Can I use Zonos Hello with Zonos International Checkout or Zonos Duty and Tax?

Yes, we recommend using Zonos Hello with Zonos International Checkout or Zonos Duty and Tax.

What shopping cart platforms does Zonos have apps or plugins for?

We support apps and plugins for Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, X-Cart, Miva, Salesforce, and more. Contact us for more information.

What carriers do Zonos duty and tax app and plugins work with?

Zonos Duty and Tax (Landed Cost) apps or plugins will work with virtually any carrier or shipping provider, including, but not limited to, UPS, DHL, FedEx and USPS.

Take the pain out of duty & tax!