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UK VAT made simple

UK VAT compliant shipments made easy with Zonos

Zonos makes it easy to comply with UK regulations for all shipments, regardless of value.

I had my doubts

"I really had my doubts about Zonos working for me, but the recent changes to UK VAT motivated me to give it an honest try. I had no native way to charge VAT appropriately for both large and small orders. — 5 stars."
Big Commerce reviewUnited States

Manage orders to the UK effortlessly

Zonos makes it easy to collect VAT required for UK shipments.

Don't let packages get held up in customs

Zonos ensures that carriers receive the VAT number required to get shipments through customs to their destination quickly.

Let Zonos handle UK VAT remittance

We'll handle the registration and remittance to the UK with Landed Cost guarantee.

Not ready to collect and manage UK VAT?

Zonos allows you to turn off low-value orders to the UK with the click of a button.

VAT was confusing

"Got this app for the UK because doing a VAT on our own was so confusing. Works great!"
Ryoko RainUnited States

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