Zonos hiring process


The hiring process at Zonos: What to expect

We are committed to being transparent about our hiring process and providing insights about our expectations to set you up for success.

Learn more about Zonos, our mission, and the type of company we are building.

The four main stages in our interview process 

1. Recruiter Screening - Application review and recruiter call

This stage is a phone call to ask some high-level questions and identify your soft skills. Your resume has shown you have qualifications for the role, and we want to get to know you better, so just be yourself!

This stage is a great time to really dive into what it means to be a Zonos employee—or Zonut—and provide you with a better understanding of what we do. You will be meeting with someone from the HR team, and we hope to provide you with any insights needed to help you determine if Zonos is the right fit for you, so come with questions!

2. Manager interview

During this stage, the hiring manager will be looking for more information about your technical skills and how your experience can positively impact Zonos. We will also want to ensure you meet our core values and would enhance our diverse culture.

3. Technical skills assessment (if applicable)

We partner with vendors to help identify your skills on a standardized platform. These assessments shouldn't take much of your time and are a great way for us to see your knowledge and experience applied.

4. Final interview

For your final interview(s), you may meet with our Chief Revenue Officer, Daniel, and/or our Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Clint. Clint is committed to meeting with everyone we hire. This allows you to ask Clint critical questions, as we expect you to also be interviewing us. We hope this interview solidifies your understanding of our mission at Zonos, the value we place on our “Zonuts,” and the excitement we have for our future.

We are growing extremely fast. A large number of applicants creates a competitive hiring landscape. If you don't get the job you're after, do not give up on your dream to work at Zonos. We hope you will apply again in the future; we admire people who "Never give up and never surrender." If, however, we find that you may be more suited for another role, we will contact you to see whether you are interested in the position.

Zonos overview 

What we do 

Anytime a customer buys a product from a business in another country, the product incurs duties, taxes, and fees as soon as it crosses the international border, which the carrier must collect. The customer would then have to arrange to pay an additional amount in order to receive the package, often not knowing what that amount is until collection is attempted. As an example, in the Philippines, this process doesn’t apply unless the product value is ₱10,000 (~180 USD) or more. You can see where there is likely a major challenge for consumers and businesses when it comes to international purchases. Zonos steps in to provide transparency and accurate data throughout the checkout experience so that customers are fully aware of the total landed cost (the full cost of getting a package to a customer’s doorstep, including the duties, taxes, and fees). We also offer services to create a smooth transaction experience from start to finish so that packages can be delivered without any setbacks.

HS codes are uniquely assigned to every product in the world and used to help calculate duty and tax, affecting the final cost of an international package. Our team has created a tool that automatically classifies products with artificial intelligence, using data that our team sources and maintains. There is a high need for customers to tap into that dataset using our tools and APIs to get their products classified. Accurate classification is a must for retailers that are shipping internationally, reducing compliance issues and potential fines.

What our culture is 

Our people, our customers, collaboration, and humility are most important to us. In everything we do, our people are our #1 focus. Clint always says he strives toward “a great company, not a big company.” If becoming big negatively impacts our greatness and our ability to be the best place to work, then it's not worth it. Our customers are also a top priority in our company goals. We must deliver fast, genuine customer care to all customers in order to fulfill our mission to “create trust in global trade.” Collaboration and the freedom to be heard are pivotal in our advancement and business growth.

We leave our ego at the door and work openly as a team to find those incredible solutions to the hard challenges we are solving. In the end, we must have humility. We must be able to take risks, fail, or succeed and move forward trying our best. We ensure that we take time to have fun and create an inviting environment to do so. Remember, you spend more time at work than at home, so we strive to provide the best place to work.

What we look for in a Zonut 

Our mission is challenging and we still have so much work still to do. It's important that all current and future Zonuts have the drive to make improvements, never stop learning, and take new initiatives to move forward in addition to working well with others. Collaboration and working together towards our overall goal are imperative.

Another key trait is having the ability to take the role seriously without taking yourself too seriously. That means that you work hard and fulfill the role with earnestness and professionalism, but also take time to have fun and enjoy those around you.

What we offer 

Our people truly are the most important part of our business. We strive to ensure Zonos is the best place to work, so we offer the following benefits:

  • 100% cost coverage of the employee's medical, dental, and vision insurance premiums. For those with families, the per paycheck cost is very good.
  • Contribution of $2,400 upfront each year to an HSA account. You never know when you may need that money, so we are committed to providing it as soon as possible. In addition to our contribution, you have the option to also contribute an additional amount from each paycheck.
  • Flexible time off—there is nothing hidden here. We understand we all have important jobs to do and what needs to be done to accomplish that, but taking time away and spending it with those we cherish is also just as important in our success as humans. Your leaders will call you out if you are not taking time off. Don't make us force you away!
  • Free weekly lunch! Yes, lunch is brought in every week. We provide a variety of delicious and healthy options.
  • Employee recognition and awards to spend as you wish.
  • Freedom to have a voice and comfortably talk to leaders.

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