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Zonos, diversity and inclusion

The future is around the corner, and we are building with the future in mind. We are building more than just a global company; we are building a great one. A diverse and inclusive team is essential to creating the Zonos we all envision.

It is not healthy for a growing global-reaching company to only have like-minded people with similar experiences. I don’t believe a Silicon Valley startup, or a Utah startup, that is comprised solely of like-minded individuals can build a great company.

Network effects can take hold in any organization if you are not careful and will lead you down a non-diverse path. If your network's network looks just like your network, you may find your recruits to be a lot like you. When you build a team, the network effects compound naturally, without malice or effort. If unchecked, it will compound. As it compounds, it becomes harder and harder to change. We must make diversity and inclusion a primary focus of our organization to build a great company.

Why build a diverse Zonos 

A diverse organization should be comprised of the best people for the job that think differently, solve problems differently, and bring different cultures, life, work experiences, and more to the team. A cognitive diverse group undoubtedly is a team made up of people of all types of nationalities, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, and cultures. Here are many of the reasons we believe we need a diverse Zonos.

1. It makes our product better

We are building a product that impacts international customers, not just Americans. To create a better product, we need a diverse team that includes immigrants and other global team members to help develop the best cross-border technology company in the world.

2. We are better at serving our customers and partners

Companies everywhere are using Zonos, and it continues to expand beyond the borders of the US. Organizations of all types partner with us in ecommerce, logistics, payments, governments, and more. To better serve our partners and customers, we need a team representative of them as well.

3. A diverse organization opens the door to attracting the best talent

People look for organizations where they can feel included and can see themselves fitting in. They will look at our team on LinkedIn, read their posts, and decide for themselves if they would consider joining our team. If they can’t relate to anyone on the team, they may pass, and we will miss out on talent that never considered us in the first place. To be ready to welcome all types of candidates to join us, we need a diverse organization to attract them.

4. Reach everyone

Our core value (Reach Everyone) represents the size and scale of the company we are building together. To reach everyone, we need to reach beyond our networks and comfort zones with open arms to all. As we live up to this core value, together - we will build a powerful team.

How we build a diverse Zonos 

We hire based on the ability to do the work needed as well as individuals that make our team better. Since we are headquartered in Southern Utah, we will have to work hard to get through the roadblocks and challenges of recruiting a diverse team. If we don’t do anything, the network effects will take hold, and they will compound, resulting in an organization that will miss out on the talent available across the globe. Here is how we will build a diverse Zonos, the right way.

1. Widen the funnel, grow the pool

We get new talent by widening the funnel of applicants. We widen the funnel by offering relocation packages as well as embracing more remote workers when possible. To increase the pool size, we do proactive recruiting, including outside our networks to search for all types of talent from all over the state of Utah, the United States, and the world.

2. Create an inclusive working environment

We must be mindful as we create a company that is welcoming of all groups, communities, and types of people. Zonos needs to be inclusive for all, including people with disabilities, of any race, people of faith, immigrants, any gender, sexual orientation, and so many others. To do this, we will never exclude anyone from working at Zonos. We also need to consider how we create a welcoming environment for all at our offices and company activities while fostering a culture that strives for the same goals together no matter who it is.

3. Be a meritocracy

We hire the best individual for each role and hold our team accountable for living up to our core values. Our core values help us preserve what makes us great.

  • Reach everyone
  • Do something new
  • You are responsible for the customer’s success
  • Never give up, never surrender

At Zonos, we unite around our mission 

We build a great company by uniting around our mission. We focus on the similarities amongst the team and not our differences. We are apolitical. To achieve true cognitive diversity, we believe it is essential to focus on our mission, not politics. Our mission to create trust in global trade is one that we can all get behind, together.

Clint Reid
Founder, CEO Zonos\

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