Reconciliation report


Reconciliation report

Review your Zonos order details in bulk.

The reconciliation report feature in Dashboard is where you can efficiently review and analyze your Zonos orders in bulk. By accessing the reconciliation report in Dashboard, you can examine detailed information about your orders. You have the flexibility to generate reports based on various time periods, such as quarters, year-to-date, last year, or a custom date range.

View reconciliation report 

Go to Dashboard -> Reports -> Reconciliation to view the reconciliation report.

Reports with wide date ranges or ranges with a large amount of orders may take some time to generate a CSV.

  • You can see the product price, shipping, duty/tax, and fees clearly itemized, along with the order ID, order date, and order total in Dashboard.
  • You can generate reports by quarter, year to date, last year, or a custom date range. To adjust the time period, click the date range in the top right, then choose a preset or custom date range.
Generate reports

Download a CSV report 

To download a CSV report, click Download report at the bottom of the page.

The CSV reconciliation report will provide additional details, including order information, Zonos fees and accounting adjustments, payout information, shopper information, and a breakdown of duties, taxes, and fees. Find a complete list of data sets included in the CSV below.

CategoryData set
Merchant informationStore name
Store ID
Order informationDate created
Zonos order ID
Merchant order ID
Order transaction ID
Duty tax
Order total
Fees and accounting adjustmentsTransaction features
Fraud fees
Landed Cost guarantee
Shipping guarantee
Merchant fees
Fee total
Accounting adjustments
Account credit
Adjustment total
Net total
Payout informationPayout/payment method
Payout date
Payout amount
Statement number
Statement payment date
Statement amount
Shopper informationName
Address line 1
Country destintation
Duties, taxes, and feesTotal duty tax
VAT tax
Disbursement fee
Zonos Landed Cost guarantee fee
Brokerage fee
VAT on disbursement fee
Prepayment fee
Additional order informationCreated by

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