Set up inclusive pricing


Set up inclusive pricing

Build guaranteed duties, taxes, and fees into your product prices.


Quickly and easily set up inclusive pricing using our recommendations or customize our calculations to match your specific strategies in different areas. Follow this guide to get guaranteed duties, taxes, and fees built into your product prices.

Subscription required

You must have an inclusive pricing subscription with Zonos to unlock this feature. If you do not have a subscription, talk with our sales team to get started.


Configure shipping

You can only set up inclusive pricing for countries you have enabled for shipping. Before you start setting up inclusive pricing:

  • Set up your shipping zones in Dashboard.
  • Make sure to enable shipping services compatible with our guarantee in your zones, i.e., shipping rates that are hard to verify, like custom rate sheets, are not included.
  • Create distinct shipping zones to group countries with similar pricing. Ensure that each zone contains only countries that use inclusive pricing or those that don't. Do no overlap.

Add products to Catalog

Add your product information to Catalog so that we can use it to calculate your inclusive prices. Catalog will also store your inclusive product prices once we calculate them.

  • Include details like the original price, HS codes, country of origin, and weight.
  • You can upload products via API or in bulk via Dashboard.

Optional—Provide order history

While an order history is not required, it provides us with historical averages that are specific to your store. We use these averages to influence the landed costs we build into your product prices. Without an order history, we assume you average one item per order. Since some costs (such as the 2 USD landed cost guarantee fee) are per order, assuming an average of one item per order means that these costs could be duplicated if you have multiple items in an order. An order history gives us insight into how many items are typically in your orders so we can proportion these costs, saving your customers money.


First, export a list of your Shopify orders.

  1. In Shopify, go to Orders.
  2. Click Export off to the right.
  3. Select All orders and CSV for Excel, Numbers, or other spreadsheet programs.
  4. Click Export orders.

Then, upload your order history:

  1. Go to DashboardProductsInclusive Pricing.
  2. Click Provide order history.
  3. Attach the Order history CSV to Dashboard.
  4. Click Save.

Configure inclusive pricing

Get inclusive pricing up and running quickly with Express setup, which automatically enables inclusive pricing where shoppers typically expect it. For these countries, product prices will include duties, taxes, and fees in the shopper's currency. If needed, you can make adjustments after receiving your initial calculations.

To complete Express setup:

  1. Go to DashboardProductsInclusive Pricing.
  2. Click Begin setup.
  3. Since the default option is Express, click Continue .
  4. Ensure the email listed is the one you would like notified when inclusive prices are ready to use.
  5. Click Finish setup.
  6. Watch your email for a notification that inclusive prices are ready, then proceed with activation.
For additional customization

If you require more customization for your setup, use our advanced Custom setup instead of Express, which will allow you to:

  • Choose the specific countries in which you want to use inclusive pricing.
  • Cover some of the costs of duties, taxes, or fees for your customers.
  • Add an additional amount to the cost of duties, taxes, or fees that we calculate.
  • Only allow your store's native currency in your checkout.

Activate inclusive prices

Once your inclusive product prices are calculated you'll recieve a notification. Activate inclusive pricing to make those prices live on your site. Select your integration below to learn how.

Important: If you had your product prices returned in your shopper's currency, make sure foreign currencies are enabled in your shopping cart platform or checkout.

  1. Go to DashboardProductsInclusive pricing.
  2. In the top right, click Activate pricing.

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