Custom setup


Custom setup

Customize countries and prices for inclusive pricing.

When setting up inclusive pricing, advanced users can use the Custom setup to select which countries will use inclusive pricing, modify the included costs, and customize the currency in which shoppers see product prices.


Choose countries

When using the Custom setup, you're in control of which countries use inclusive pricing. During the setup process, choose the Dashboard shipping zones in which you want to use inclusive pricing. Each time you select a zone, you will have the option to adjust the landed cost for that particular zone.

  • If a shipping zone contains some countries that will use inclusive pricing and some that don't, go to your shipping zones in Dashboard and split them up into separate zones.
  • If a shipping zone is grayed out, you do not have a compatible shipping option enabled. Go to your shipping settings in Dashboard to enable a compatible shipping option before proceeding. You can also complete the setup and add the country after your intial calculations are complete.
  • If you want to enable inclusive pricing in a country not enabled in your shipping settings yet, you must enable it in your shipping settings first.

Modify inclusive costs

Note: If you do not want to modify the costs that we build into your product price, proceed without changes.

Modify the calculated duties, taxes, and fees to adjust the final price your customers will see and pay. You will be billed based on our original calculations, meaning any increase will cause your customer to pay more to you, while any decrease means you will pay a portion of your customer's costs. You can adjust duties, taxes, or fees individually.

Subsidize duties, taxes or fees
Add fees to increase margin

Subsidizing a portion of the cost for your customers will lower your inclusive product prices to your customer. Lower prices often boost search rank and encourage sales but will decrease profit per item.

Let's say you want to subsidize 40% of the taxes for your customers. To do so:

  1. Under Taxes, select Decrease.
  2. Select Percentage as your Adjustment unit.
  3. Enter "40" as the Value.
  4. Click Enable countries.

Choose currency

Choose the currency in which you want your final inclusive product prices. Since we push these product prices to your site, this will be the currency that your customers see while browsing your site.

  • Shopper's currency: Display your prices in the destination country's currency. Localizing your prices to your shopper's currency builds immediate trust and lets them know you ship to their location.
  • Store's native currency: If you only allow your native currency for your store's Checkout, choose your store's native currency so that we do not convert the price to the destination currency.

Review and finalize

After making your selections and customizations:

  1. Click Go to Summary. Review the summary to ensure it aligns with what you want.
  2. If the summary is correct, click Finish setup.

We will then calculate your inclusive prices. Return to activate your prices once they are ready.

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