Tiered shipping


Tiered shipping

Set up tiered shipping options.

Tiered shipping can be based on shopping cart price and/or weight using a price tier or weight tier, or for specific countries based on the zone you add the rule to (more info below).

Add tiered shipping

Note: You must have at least one shipping zone set up prior to creating your tiered shipping. You must add your tiered shipping to each applicable zone.

To create tiered shipping, add a rule using the instructions for flat-rate shipping. Then continue to add multiple tiers to one rule to create a tiered shipping option. See the examples below.

Rule example

Here is an example of tiered shipping and how to create it with shipping rules:

Configure one rule with multiple tiers to create tiered shipping that will charge 15 USD for orders with cart totals up to 199 USD, 10 USD for orders from 200 USD to 299 USD, and 5 USD for orders 300 USD and up.

  • Example: Create 15 USD shipping for any order less than 200 USD (not including 200 USD)

    • Your rule should look like this: If subtotal is less than 199.99 shipping = 15 USD
  • Example: Create 10 USD shipping for any orders from 200 USD to 299.99 USD (including both 200 USD and 299 USD)

    • Your rule should look like this: If subtotal is between 199.99 and 299.99 shipping = 10
  • Example: Create 5 USD shipping for any order 300 USD and up

    • Your rule should look like this: If subtotal is greater than 299.99 shipping = 5.00

Collectively, these examples represent tiered shipping.

Note: If you are using weight tiers for shipping rates, you must have item weights set for each item in your shopping cart platform or Catalog in order for the shipping rules to work properly.

Dimensional weights

If you have items or boxes larger than 11” on any side, your items may need to be calculated with dimensional weight to get accurate quotes. Please contact support for options.

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