Catalog identifiers


Catalog identifiers

Identify your products from within Catalog

Get familiar with Catalog's product identifiers so you can easily create and reference your products. Zonos Catalog offers the flexibility to use SKU and product ID, either individually or in combination, as your product identifier.

SKUs and product IDs 

The identifier is the combination of the SKU and product ID, even if only one field is populated. Leaving a field blank still creates a unique identifier (see below for an example of this). Additionally, note that product IDs and SKUs are case-insensitive.

After creating a product with a SKU and/or a product ID, you cannot edit these fields as they serve as the identifier that you and Zonos use to reference your product. If you need to modify either field, you must delete the product and create it again.

Referencing products 

To ensure effective referencing of Catalog items, we have a decision tree that takes into account various scenarios and provides guidelines for accurate retrieval. Understanding the logic behind referencing products is crucial to ensure accurate referencing, so it's important to familiarize yourself with this decision tree in order to seamlessly reference products:

  1. Combination of Product ID and SKU: We'll first reference the combination of the productId and sku exactly, which serve as the primary identifier combo for catalog items. Note that if one field is null, you can just reference the field with a value. For example, if your productId is 678 and your sku is null, you can just reference your productId.

  2. Prioritizing SKU: If we don't find a Catalog item on the productId/sku combo, then we'll search for a match on sku or productId, giving preference to the sku. If a matching sku is found, it will be used.

  3. Fallback to product ID: If no sku match is found or if multiple occurrences of the same sku exist, we will then favor the productId.

  4. Multiple instances of the same product ID: In cases where multiple instances of the same productId exist, we will not return a catalog item to avoid potential confusion or ambiguity.

If an item isn't found in Zonos Catalog, we will reference your ecommerce platform's product information. If you don't use one of our plugins or if you don't have all the necessary product information, we'll reference your Zonos default information.

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