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Navigating the new Singapore low-value tax scheme


December 7, 2022

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Welcome to our upcoming webinar on the new Singapore GST – Extended OVR Regime on December 14, 2022! Join our cross-border experts as they decode the complexities of this new regulation and its impact on your business. We’ll cover key topics such as what it is, how it will affect your business, how to stay compliant, managing country-specific tax scheme compliance, and real-life examples of how it works. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay informed and ahead of the game.

Meet the speakers

Head of Global Trade, Aaron Bezzant and General Manager of Asia Pacific, Gennifer Fink are passionate about decoding complex cross-border topics. Join them for an informative discussion that will help you grow and optimize your international business prepare you for the upcoming laws.

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Aaron Bezzant

Head of Global Trade

Prior to joining Zonos, Aaron spent over 12 years expanding the online global footprint at a large U.S. e-tailer. At Zonos, Aaron thrives on making the impossible possible by leveraging technology to create world-class cross-border ecommerce solutions. Aaron loves to help online retailers increase their international sales while decreasing or eliminating the problems associated with cross-border transactions.

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Gen Fink

General Manager of Asia Pacific

Leveraging her diverse experience in multiple industries within the Asia Pacific region, Gen Fink works with ecommerce retailers, logistics providers, delivery partners, and postal companies to cultivate long lasting partnerships, generating all-encompassing cross-border customer journeys. Gen has a passion for service innovation in which she has a master's degree from the University of Queensland. This has helped with her transition into her current leadership role, where she helps navigate a robust customer success team and an experienced and agile engineering team to create trust in global trade.