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Is your social media working for international customers?

Learn about what strategies to use to promote your business on social media.

Tips to effectively manage and strategically utilize social media for your business 

Welcome to our webinar, where we will be featuring Rick Lowe from Synergy Reef as our guest speaker. Rick is a true expert in the field of social media strategy and management and he will be sharing his valuable insights and knowledge with us during this exclusive interview.

During this webinar, Rick will be discussing the most effective social media platforms to utilize, how to manage time and resources effectively, strategies for engaging with followers, and advice for businesses just starting out on social media. He will also share tips on how to build strong relationships with your followers and convert them into customers.

Meet the speakers 

Our speakers, Tawnee Steinke, Head of Global Partnerships at Zonos and Rick Lowe, Owner of Synergy Reef, are experts in their field and will share their insights on cross-border commerce and social media strategy. Tawnee is passionate about helping small business owners convert international shoppers into lifelong customers and Rick will share tips on how to effectively utilize social media platforms, manage time and resources, and convert followers into customers. Join us for this exclusive interview and gain valuable insights on how to take your social media strategy to the next level.

Tawnee Steinke Head of Global Partnerships, Zonos

Tawnee Steinke is Head of Global Partnerships at Zonos, the global technology leader for simplifying cross-border commerce. She oversees the Business Development and Partnership departments, which helps connect partners and online merchants to convert international shoppers into lifelong customers through accurate total landed cost calculations. Being a small business owner herself, she knows first hand the difficulties and rewards of running an ecommerce business and is a passionate advocate for Zonos' customers.

Rick Lowe Owner, Synergy Reef

Meet Rick Lowe, a social media expert from Synergy Reef. Rick has extensive knowledge in social media strategy and management, including the most effective platforms to use, time and resource management strategies, and tips for engaging with followers. He also has great advice for businesses starting out on social media and expertise in building strong relationships with followers and converting them into customers.

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