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ICS2 release two

Learn about what you need to do to avoid package delays.

What ICS2 release two entails 

Import Control System 2 (ICS2) is a new safety framework to screen imports for the European Union (EU). In March of 2023, phase 2 goes into effect. The new security protocols will require all goods transported into or through the EU by air to submit cargo data to be electronically pre-screened. Goods will be delayed at EU customs if they fail to meet requirements.

Zonos experts covered these main topics:

  • ICS2 - The basics
  • How you will be affected
  • Best practices for compliance so you can avoid delays

Additional reading:

Limited-time product classification offer 

To stay compliant, you need HS codes for your products. For a limited time, Zonos is offering a one-time, bulk classification service for your entire product catalog for a special price. Classify all of your products and alleviate any worry about ICS2 compliance. Learn more.

Meet the speakers 

Join Jonathan Sullivan, Head of Data Science at Zonos, and Chanel, Product Manager for Classify at Zonos, for a special webinar. Jonathan, with over a decade in the field and 40 granted patents, oversees the development of AI models and systems for cross-border compliance. Chanel is passionate about storytelling and marketing, and together they work to simplify the complexities of cross-border trade.

Jonathan Sullivan Head of Data Science

Jonathan Sullivan is the Head of Data Science at Zonos, the global technology leader for simplifying cross-border commerce. With over a decade in the field, Jonathan oversees the development of cutting-edge AI models and systems that democratize cross-border compliance. He is the inventor of over 40 granted patents.

Chanel Barnes Product Manager for Classify

Chanel is a Product Manager who oversees Classify, Zonos’ automated classification tool, and Catalog, Zonos’ product management solution. She focuses on simplifying product details to power other Zonos products and international trade as a whole.

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