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Expanding cross-border business to new markets

Learn about international marketing strategy for revenue growth.

International marketing strategy for revenue growth 

Learn how to expand your cross-border business with our guests, Ted and Silas, from NetElixir.

NetElixir is a premier digital marketing agency with over seven million hours building, managing, optimizing, and scaling search marketing campaigns for international optimization leading to predictable and profitable revenue growth. Learn how to expand your e-commerce business into new global markets with NetElixir’s SEO expert tips and insights.

Meet the speakers 

Nate Pyron Account Executive, Zonos

Nate is an accomplished account executive with a proven track record of success in business development and sales. At Zonos, Nate leverages his skills and expertise to help clients achieve their business goals. This enables him to create and implement effective strategies that drive revenue growth.

Ted Tansley SEO Account Manager, NetElixir

Ted is an experienced SEO strategist. He develops customized content strategies and website optimization for clients to improve their search engine rankings. At NetElixir, he brings insights into how businesses can grow their organic market share.

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