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Every day * a UPS customer goes live with Zonos

Zonos provides technology to simplify international commerce. We are the experts for accurate duty & tax calculations in real-time and have been a UPS Ready® | UPS® Digital Connections provider since 2016.

  • UPS® Digital Connections
  • UPS Ready ®

* On average, 1.4 UPS customers go live every business day

UPS® Worldwide Economy UPS® Worldwide Economy

UPS® Worldwide Economy Shipment rating | labels

From rates at checkout to label printing…

  • Show UPS® Worldwide Economy rates
    with DDP at checkout
  • Get higher checkout conversion when offering UPS® Worldwide Economy
  • Use Zonos to process and print UPS labels
UPS® Worldwide Economy Labels UPS® Worldwide Economy Labels

Ecommerce benefits

The right way to go global for merchants and their customers

  • f1
    True landed cost breakdown

    Build trust with transparency, includes duty & tax plus all other applicable fees.

  • f2
    Local messaging & currency conversion

    Give international customers a smooth shopping experience without surprises.

  • f3
    Easy integration with B2B options

    Our Customer Success team can help implement solutions on any platform.

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Results for UPS

Save time, let Zonos answer international questions for your merchants

Increase orders, shipments and revenue by adding Zonos

Sell any UPS service, including UPS® Worldwide Economy shipping

Get results with UPS and Zonos Get results with UPS and Zonos
Zonos International Checkout UPS Digital Connections Pricing Zonos International Checkout UPS Digital Connections Pricing

UPS® Digital Connections pricing Zonos has multiple products and services available. Pricing may vary by product.

  • Transaction fee tier: Percentage of the total amount the customer pays at checkout.
  • Subscription fee : Annual payment to buy down transaction fee.
  • Implementation fee : One-time charge for setup and installation.

UPS Ready® pricing - 30% discount off standard implementation fees. Minimum implementation fee - $1,000 (e.g. $700 w/discount)

Contact a Zonos sales rep for more details

Digital Connections process

How the UPS® Digital Connections process works


Zonos will need the Digital Connections amount and code for the customer.


Zonos will submit this information to the Digital Connections team.

With Zonos International Checkout, Digital Connections funds can be used for…

  • The setup cost
  • Implementation fees, and/or
  • Buy-down tiers on the per transaction fee

With any other Zonos product, Digital Connections funds can be used for…

  • The setup fee
  • Implementation fee
  • Applied toward credit on any transaction fees
Contact Zonos for more information


We’ve grown

"Since teaming up with Zonos, we are able to ship orders within 2 hours of receipt, and our international sales have grown well over 500%."

Jason Stearns FlavorWest

Wish list

"An all-encompassing solution that checked off all the items on the customer’s wish list were addressed."

Kyle Rodriguez UPS International Account Manager

Right fit

"If you are in need of a painless international shipping/duties solution for your business, Zonos may be the right fit for you especially if you already ship with UPS."

G2 Reviews UPS customer

Our products

Landed Cost

For your platform, checkout, ERP system and more

Landed cost features

  • Import tax calculations
  • Import duty calculations
  • Carrier fee calculations
  • De minimis support
  • HS code support
Ideal for: anyone doing
cross border



Landed cost, classification, currency conversion, localization and more!

Download PDF

International Checkout

The most powerful international checkout for ecommerce

International Checkout features

Ideal for: global
ecommerce growth


The most advanced landed cost calculator
Ideal for: anyone looking for a tool to
quickly calculate a landed cost

Standalone application

With an easy-to-use interface

Download PDF


Welcome shoppers in their local language and currency on your website

Hello features

  • Duty & tax calculations
  • Import fee calculations
  • Shipment rating for your carrier
  • Currency conversion
  • Duty and tax quotes on product pages
  • Translated 18 languages
  • Import country regulation
Ideal for: improving an ecommerce shopping experience


Automatically generate
harmonized codes for
product catalogs

Classify features

  • On-demand classification
  • Advanced image recognition
  • HS code support
  • UPC code lookup
  • HTS country code support
Ideal for: anyone needing to classify
cross-border goods

Landed Cost

Enjoy guaranteed total landed cost accuracy

What Zonos will do for you

  • Reconcile your landed cost
  • Pay your landed cost bill
  • Ensure landed cost accuracy
  • Provide calculation details
  • Negotiate carrier fee discounts for higher conversion
  • Assist with country taxation laws and remittance
Ideal for: anyone seeking peace of mind with landed cost calculations

Common questions

How to identify a good fit for Zonos

Qualify the opportunity

  • A merchant with an online store.
  • You are receiving questions from your customers about customs, duties, taxes, and fraud.
  • A merchant doing international but may have a variety of issues, such as:
    • Abandoned packages
    • Rejected packages at customs
    • Spending a lot of time on each order
    • Concerns with global compliance
    • Fear of international complexities
  • They want to grow their international sales or open new markets.

Getting started with Zonos

Now that you’ve identified a customer that’s a good fit for Zonos, here’s how to get started.

  1. Contact your IAE for initial guidance.
  2. Reach out to Zonos at ups@zonos.com or your district Zonos rep.
  3. Set up a pre-call to discuss the opportunity and what your goals are with the customer.
  4. Set up a demo with the customer and Zonos rep.

Tips for success

  • Keep communication open and flowing both ways.
  • We can work with any size merchant, whether they're doing 1 or 500 packages a day; we’ll have a product fit for them.
  • The commodity type sold by the merchant doesn't matter. If UPS can ship it, Zonos can calculate the fees.
  • Offering a low-priced service option will increase packages shipped.

Implementation process

Our implementation timeline can depend on the type of product they are using and the ecommerce platform they are on.

  • The typical time for Landed Cost app plugin is 1-2 days.
  • The typical time for International Checkout is 1-2 weeks.

A Customer Success (CS) rep is assigned to each account that will help walk through the process and assist the customer. The CS rep will also follow their account while they are with Zonos to help with questions or success.

Note that the implementation will require the latest UPS invoice for an account with API access.

Partner managers and districts

Jim Zierse

Jim Zierse 702-505-1224


Jim Zierse

Jim Zierse 702-505-1224


Supported Districts
  • Great Lakes
  • Northeast
  • Mid South
  • North Atlantic
  • Northern Plains

Submit an opportunity

Book time with Jim

Tequiliana Fertil

Tequiliana "Tiki" Fertil 863-800-6561


Tequiliana Fertil

Tequiliana "Tiki" Fertil 863-800-6561


Supported Districts
  • Mid Atlantic
  • Central Plains
  • Chesapeake
  • Florida
  • Ohio Valley
  • South Atlantic
  • UK/EU

Submit an opportunity

Book time with Tiki

Adam Eccles

Adam Eccles 713-838-5051


Adam Eccles

Adam Eccles 713-838-5051


Supported Districts
  • SoCal
  • Northern Cal
  • Red River
  • Desert Mountain
  • Northwest

Submit an opportunity

Book time with Adam

Zonos shareable content

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  • Zonos International Checkout Fact Sheet
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    Checkout Product sheet
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  • Zonos Hello Fact Sheet
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  • Zonos Landed Cost Guarantee Fact Sheet
    Zonos Landed Cost Guarantee Product sheet
  • Zonos Quoter Fact Sheet
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  • Zonos Products Fact Sheets
    Zonos products pack 6 products sheets
  • Zonos - Who We Are
    Who we are Fact sheet
  • Zonos - Zonos Going Global - UPS- Fact Sheet
    Going global UPS Ready ® fact sheet

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