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Zonos Joins the Universal Postal Union Consultative Committee

Zonos’ membership in the UPU’s Consultative Committee will drive technological advancements in the postal industry.

St. George, Utah – Zonos, the global leader in cross-border technology, joins the Universal Postal Union (UPU) Consultative Committee, bringing decades of cross-border expertise to the table. Specializing in data and technology for calculating customs duties, taxes, and fees for international transactions, Zonos’ membership will drive technological advancements in the postal industry. Zonos is contracted with postal service organizations to provide accurate data improving international shipment efficiency using cutting-edge technology.

The UPU acts as an advisory council, mediating technical agreements that impact postal functions to streamline universal postal services, encourage continual development, and enhance global communication. The UPU was established in 1874 and is the second-oldest international organization.

“Zonos joining the UPU Consultative Committee forwards our mission to create trust in global trade. We have over a decade of real-life experience in cross-border ecommerce, and we look forward to sharing those experiences with the UPU and postal agencies around the world.” says Clint Reid, Zonos Founder and CEO.

About Zonos

Zonos’ innovative API and plugin technology allows businesses to simplify and scale their international ecommerce by providing the data needed for cross-border transactions, including the only true landed cost solution on the market. Driven by their mission to create trust in global trade, Zonos is decreasing the barriers for businesses seeking to expand globally, making the world market accessible to everyone.

Headquartered in the United States, Zonos has been expanding rapidly with a record-breaking $69 million series A funding in 2021 and the announcement of a new office in Gold Coast, Australia, in 2022.

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