Landed Cost

Getting a total landed cost may look overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.


True landed cost
(more than duty & tax)

It's not just about duties and taxes, there are other fees that make up a total landed cost.

Do it right!

Zonos landed cost includes duty, tax, and any other fees that may occur based on the service level selected. We also access our extensive rules engine to logically provide the right costs based on all the variables needed for accurate calculation.


Duty and tax

Each country taxes differently. You’ll find general consumption taxes, VATs, and GST. Plus Canada also has HST, PST, or QST depending on the province. On top of this, VAT and GST can calculate differently depending on destination. WHEW!

Feeling confused? Time to get started with Zonos!

We've got low-cost solutions for duty and tax calculations with the logic needed to handle all those nasty three-letter words.

Need an HS code? It's easy with Zonos!

Zonos has just changed how this happens.
Supply a picture - get the HS (Harmonized System) code - plus a confidence score.

How? With machine learning.


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The biggest concern for your
international customers after shipping:
customs, fees, taxes, and duty.

You could be deterring 30% of your customers by not disclosing a true landed cost.*

* Ipsos PayPal Insights 2016

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