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Zonos Landed Cost Guarantee

Eliminate the financial risk of duty & tax

  • Stressed out with under or over collecting duty and tax?
  • Having trouble keeping up with changing international tax laws and carrier fees?
  • Spending too much time reconciling shipping invoices?
You manage your business and packages, we'll take care of the landed cost bill and quotes, guaranteed.

Eliminate duty and tax risk with Zonos Landed Cost Guarantee
Presenting Zonos Landed Cost Guarantee, so you don't ever have to worry about duties and taxes again!

Zonos Landed Cost Guarantee

Enjoy guaranteed total landed cost accuracy

What Zonos will do for you
  • Reconcile your landed cost
  • Pay your landed cost bill
  • Ensure landed cost accuracy
  • Provide calculation details
  • Negotiate carrier fee discounts for higher conversion
  • Assist with country taxation laws and remittance
Ideal for: Anyone seeking peace of mind with landed cost calculations
Compatible with
5 star rated shopify app

Enhance the experience for international customers

We utilize Zonos to enhance the ecommerce experience for our international customers. Also, it allows us to quickly, easily, and accurately calculate duties and taxes and charge them to our customers. This removes the risk of abandoned shipments and makes it a cleaner transaction process.

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Stop losing money and customers

Is your international checkout experience lacking? We guarantee total landed cost so at the end of the day, you can feel better about your profit margins. Tired of reconciling landed cost discrepancies? Let us do it for you!

Stop losing money over duty and tax
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Without worry of over or under charging

We are able to confirm duties and taxes without worry of over or under charging the customers. The customer can now also choose if they would like to pay for them ahead

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Ensure taxation law accuracy and compliance

Gain total peace of mind with the most accurate landed cost technology in the industry! We'll also help manage applicable country taxation laws that may come into play and file tax remittance on your behalf.

Ensure landed cost accuracy for you and your customer with Zonos Landed Cost Guarantee
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Makes the experience much smoother

Thanks to Zonos, we integrated the computation of tax and duties, making the experience much smoother both internally and externally.

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What is the Zonos Landed Cost Guarantee?

Zonos Landed Cost Guarantee is for ecommerce merchants that want to allow customers to prepay duties and taxes, but don't want the hassle of reconciling landed cost bills from shippers or worry about discrepancies at the border, which can cost them more than what was collected from the customer. The Landed Cost Guarantee offers peace of mind knowing that you are always covered on what gets collected at checkout for duties and taxes. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in this service.

How does the Zonos Landed Cost Guarantee work?

The duties and taxes charged by customs are billed to Zonos’ account by your carrier (with shipping billed to your account). The customer is charged duties and taxes at checkout and then no matter what is charged at the border, Zonos pays the bill. You can see the total breakdown of every landed cost calculation within our Zonos Dashboard.

How much does the Zonos Landed Cost Guarantee cost?

There is no cost to you. The fee for the Landed Cost Guarantee is included in the landed cost calculation, unless requested otherwise.

Take the pain out of duty & tax!


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