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Simplified cross-border ecommerce, with Zonos

Zonos technology simplifies international commerce. Our software automates everything, from accurate duty and tax calculation and collection to tax remittance and HTS codes. Zonos is the only true landed cost solution for FedEx.

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About Zonos

Zonos simplifies the complexities of cross-border selling with technology powered by decoded trade data and innovative engineering to make global commerce accessible to everyone.

Zonos solutions allow for complete control of the cross-border trade experience. With Zonos’ API technology, plugins, and cloud- based tools, including the only true landed cost solution on the market, Zonos provides the software and data needed to scale globally.

Zonos brings over a decade of cross-border experience. Our Landed Cost guarantee backs our technology, alleviating concerns about complicated tax schemes and customs updates.

We help empower retailers to spend their valuable time and resources on running their businesses, and let Zonos handle the complexities of cross-border transactions!

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The best customer check out experience

We are a global game, we sell digital sneakers and now we sell sneakers all around the world. Zonos made it possible for us to give the best customer check out experience to the players of our game. Our players can now purchase their sneakers with all duties and taxes visible and payable up front for the country of destination wherever that may be. A special call out to, without a doubt the best ‘Integration Team Lead’ in the world, Kilie W! You went beyond your role and expanded the limits of what was possible by introducing us to other partners, the outcome being, a true gold standard global trade solution for our IRL sneakers. We salute you!

AgletZonos 5 star review

An absolute game changer

Really excited to open up our store to international customers. Onboarding was super easy and being able to calculate and collected full landed cost is an absolute game changer for anyone shipping international. :)

Antihero GalleryZonos 5 star review

Such a breath of fresh air

We are just launching a shopify store, and Zonos has been fabulous helping us set up to sell internationally! Mark was incredibly patient helping me to get Zonos set up. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to calculate their international customs and duties on the front end of their customer’s experience. Thank you, Mark!!! Update: The Zonos team continues to impress me. Fast, thorough, and just plain helpful. Such a breath of fresh air from so many companies with outsourced customer service, people that don’t seem to even understand questions, let alone have answers. Than you guys!

World Rugby ShopZonos 5 star review

They’re the best tool we’ve installed

Zonos makes calculating duties and taxes for my clients so easy! It gives me peace of mind knowing that the HS codes are calculated correctly and that someone is staying on top of the almost constant regulations changes. They’re the best tool we’ve installed on our site.

Hampden ClothingZonos 5 star review

Outstanding customer care

The Zonos app provides landed costs to international customers in pre-checkout by displaying live ship rates, duties and taxes while also providing the ability to print labels for shipping internationally with ease. I received outstanding customer care, full setup with detailed walkthrough, and had all my questions answered. I will be offered further assistance should any questions arise. Zonos is the definite app to use for shipping internationally via Shopify.

Michele BenjaminZonos 5 star review