Get started with shipping zones


Get started with shipping zones

Create and manage shipping zones.

Shipping zones allow you to enable countries you want to ship to and the shipping services you will use to do so. Each zone should include countries that ship from the same warehouse and use the same shipping services. You can have multiple shipping zones if needed.


Create a shipping zone

  1. In Dashboard, go to Settings -> Shipping Rates -> Create shipping zone.
  2. Enter a zone name - this will not be visible to customers.
  3. Choose the shipping warehouse location this zone will fulfill shipments from.
    1. If you ship from the same location as the address in your General settings, you can select “Default shipping warehouse.”
    2. If you ship from another warehouse not listed, set up a warehouse.
  4. By default, landed cost (duties and taxes) will be included in the calculations for each zone created. You may de-select “Landed cost enabled for this zone” if you wish to only estimate duties and taxes for these countries.
  5. Click Save.

Add countries to your zone

  1. Choose the countries you want to enable for this zone.
    1. If you want all countries to be included in the zone, select the Rest of World checkbox.
    2. A country can only be added to one zone. Countries will be grayed out if they are being used in another zone or are not supported by Zonos.
  2. Once you've clicked out of the box, select Save.

Add service levels to your zone

  1. Next, choose the service levels you want to be displayed. There are a few ways to enable shipping service levels:
    1. If using a live rate from a carrier connection, click the checkbox next to the rate that you would like to enable for this zone. If you do not see the rate you want, connect your carrier.
    2. If using a rate from a rate sheet, click the checkbox next to the rate you would like to enable for this zone. If you do not see the rate you want, [send us your rate sheet](/docs/shipping/rating/rate-sheets#how-do-i-set-up-a-custom-service-level-with-my-rate-sheet.
    3. If offering flat rate shipping or free shipping, create a rule for the zone. Learn how to create rules.
  2. Click Save.

Repeat the process until you have created all of the shipping zones you need.

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