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Does Landed Cost support different ship-from countries?

Yes, Landed Cost will support exports from the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, and more. The Landed Cost API, Hello, and Quoter all support these varying regions. However, Checkout, which also includes payment solutions, is not supported in every region. If you are using a plugin on Shopify, BigCommerce, or Magento, read more on each platform's documentation page to determine supported ship-from countries.

Does Zonos offer shipping rates or third-party logistics services?

Zonos is not a shipping service or reseller of shipping rates. However, Zonos partners with international shipping providers and guarantees a landed cost, including their brokerage and other clearance fees.

What is a landed cost?

Landed cost is the total price of an international shipment from the time of purchase to the time of delivery. The landed cost calculations include the sum of the products in the cart, duties, taxes, shipping, and any additional fees from customs, brokers, or carriers. Learn more about total landed cost.

Is duty applied to every order?

Not necessarily. It is common for low-value shipments to be below the de minimis duty; therefore, duty is not applied to the import.

How accurate are the calculations?

Zonos guarantees our calculations. Landed Cost is transparent and provides the details behind the calculations, including the HS code used, duty rates applied, and other formulas that might impact the total cost.

What is a de minimis value?

The de minimis is a threshold value that exempts imports from duty or tax. De minimis values differ based on the country.

What is an HS code?

Harmonized (or HS) codes are part of the international harmonized system designed to streamline international trade. HS codes use a system of names and numbers to classify goods. Over 180 countries have currently adopted the harmonized system.

Do I need to harmonize my catalog to get a landed cost calculation?

An HS code is not required for a landed cost. However, Zonos Landed Cost includes Zonos Classify with our guaranteed landed cost calculations. A system-defaulted harmonized code is used if an item does not have an HS code and is not auto-classified. We recommend always providing an HS code to ensure a more accurate calculation.

What plugins are available for Zonos Landed Cost?

Zonos currently supports plugins for Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento.

How do I adjust my landed cost settings?

You can manage all your settings using Dashboard. Only those with a Zonos account have access to Dashboard.

How do I get help fixing a landed cost issue?

See our user guide on breaking down a landed cost. Also, feel free to contact us directly.

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