Configure ddp fees


Configure carrier fees

Learn how to modify and choose whether you want to waive or reduce carrier fees charged on your shipments.

Carriers, such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS charge applicable fees to international shipments. Learn what these carrier fees are, how they are calculated, and how to configure them in Dashboard. See a breakdown of the fees for each carrier. It is important for ecommerce retailers to be aware of carrier fees and configure them correctly in Dashboard in order to avoid unexpected costs and maximize their profits.

How to configure carrier fees in Dashboard 

  1. Log in to Dashboard --> Setting --> Shipping rates](
  2. Under Carriers, select the carrier you want to modify the fees for.
  3. Under Carrier fees, check or uncheck which carrier fees to waive. Typically these fees should be left on unless your fees have been waived or negotiated with your carrier. If you need to have the fees reduced to match your fees, please reach out to and they can adjust the fee amounts for you.
  4. Click Save to complete.

Zonos will default to include all applicable carrier fees. If you are using our Landed Cost guarantee service, you will not have access to configure these carrier fees in Zonos Dashboard. Please contact our support team if these carrier fees need to be changed.

What carrier fees are 

Carrier fees are often a surprise to online retailers just starting to calculate and collect landed cost. They are usually only seen and paid for by your customers when they receive their international shipments. Carrier fees are an important part of landed cost calculations.

If you don’t set them up correctly and allow prepayment of duties and taxes, you will lose money because you will end up paying the carrier fees on behalf of your customers. You may need to find out from your carrier what your fees are, but typically, unless you have negotiated to get them lowered or waived, they will likely be part of your landed cost and international shipments where you allow customers to prepay duties and taxes.

Carrier fee breakdown 


  • (DTP) Duty Taxes Paid - With the DHL customs service DTP – Duty Taxes Paid, the sender takes care of the VAT and import duties.


  • Advancement fee - The Advancement fee is charged on either a minimum or percentage, depending on which is greater for advancing taxes and duties to customs on behalf of the payor. This fee varies by country and by currency.


  • Disbursement fee - The disbursement fee is charged on either a minimum or a percentage, depending on which is greater for advancing taxes and duties to customs on behalf of the payor. This fee varies by country and by currency.

    • Duty and tax forwarding surcharge - Zonos does not calculate the duty and tax forwarding surcharg to use Zonos. UPS is the only carrier that charges a fee to bill duties and taxes back to the shipper. In the United States, it is a 15 USD. Other countries of export with UPS have equivalent fees charged to your shipping account. This fee, combined with the UPS disbursement fees, can add 30+ USD in fees to a duty and tax calculation. Ask your UPS representative for incentive. UPS has been supportive of shippers asking for a full waiver. If you are unable to negotiate a waiver you can look at DHL or FedEx as an alternative.

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