Calculation capabilities

Understand the capabilities of Zonos Landed Cost calculations.

Zonos designed Landed Cost to give ultimate transparency. Whether you calculate a landed cost in Dashboard, our API, or on your ecommerce site, you retrieve the detail to understand what is calculated and why.

We support calculations for 235 countries and territories.

Total Landed Cost 

Zonos calculates a total landed cost which includes:

  • Import duty

    • Duty calculations for up to 10-digit (or 13-digit when applicable) HS codes
    • Simplified duty regimes
    • Duty de minimis
  • Import taxes

    • Country
    • Region
    • Item level reduced tax rates (based on HS code)
    • Entry and clearance taxes
    • Tax de minimis
    • Import tax thresholds
  • Import fees

    • Import country clearance and processing fees
    • Brokerage fees
    • Disbursement and advancement fees
    • Prepayment fees
    • Foreign exchange fees

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