Configure shipping labels


Configure shipping labels

To configure the way Zonos handles creating labels, log in to your Zonos Dashboard account and navigate to Settings -> Shipping labels.

Log into Zonos Dashboard and navigate to Settings to discover the labels

Default box size 

From the label settings, you can save a default box size to your account. This is required if you want to create batch labels, in which case the default box size will be used as a fallback for creating labels when no box size is applied to the order.

Classification settings 

By default, Zonos will fall back to using your account’s default HS code if none is passed with the item details on an order.

Additionally, labels created with Zonos have the ability to take advantage of our Zonos Classify automatic HS code detection. This is an opt-in feature that will attempt to classify your products by description or SKU (depending on which settings you pick) and insert the resulting HS code into the label and commercial invoice.

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