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Quickly find orders and their status on the Dashboard orders page. Apply filters to locate specific orders or use the Quick search to find orders by your platform's order number, zonos order number, name, email, etc.

Order numbers

You can see your ecommerce platform's order number from Dashboard's Orders page.

Identify the order number

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Orders.
  2. On the Orders page, the order number will be displayed under the Platform order number column.

Order statuses

There are three order statuses in Dashboard: Succeeded, Shipped, and Canceled.

  • Succeeded: New orders will have a gray “Succeeded” order status. They are ready for you to ship!
  • Shipped: Once you generate a label in Dashboard (or add a tracking number to the order in Dashboard), Zonos will update the order status to a green “Shipped” status.
  • Canceled: When you cancel an order in Dashboard, the status will show a red ”Canceled” status.

Some integrations sync order status from the ecommerce platform to Dashboard. Depending on the integration, orders shipped or canceled outside of Zonos may automatically update the status in Dashboard.

Verify order status

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Orders.
  2. On the Orders page, the order status will display to the right of the Total column, in green, red, or gray.

Order filtering

You can apply filters in Dashboard to easily locate orders based on status, date range, and more.

Filter orders

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Orders.
  2. Above the orders, you can click to add filters for Total, Service level, Destination, or Date range.
  3. Click Apply to apply the filter.
  4. To remove the filter, click the active filters and deselect the items you no longer want to filter by.

Note: If you click to view an order and return to the orders page, the filters will automatically be removed, and you will be back to the initial order page showing your most recent order.

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