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Our new Zonos Hello experience is a complete rewrite of Hello. It is designed to be more modern, more flexible, and more customizable than the legacy Hello. It also includes a number of new features that were not available in the legacy Hello, such as better theme customizations, more powerful custom messages, and more.

By migrating, you will be able to take advantage of all of the new features and ongoing improvements to Hello. We highly encourage you to migrate to the new Hello as soon as possible, as our legacy Hello experience is no longer supported and will be sunset in the future.

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Migration considerations 

There are a few things to consider before migrating to the new Hello:

  • You will need to specify where on your site you want the new Hello to display, a departure from the past behavior of Hello.
  • The new Hello works the same way as before, with a simple plugin or JavaScript integration.
  • If you are using Hello via a plugin, you will need to update the plugin to the latest version.
  • We've taken care to ensure as many settings and customizations you may have set up previously are migrated over. These include most custom rules, promo codes, custom messaging and country settings.
  • Migrating will not affect your existing landed cost, Classify, or shipment rating options. Anything you have set up there, including buffers, custom carrier fees, etc. will be automatically carried over.

What will be different for shoppers 

Migrating to the new Hello shouldn't negatively impact your shoppers in any way. A few things that savvy shoppers may notice include:

  • Hello can now be positioned anywhere on your site simply by providing the selector of the HTML element you wish to attach it to.
  • Hello has a far better experience on mobile.
  • Hello no longer automatically pops up on page load.
  • Hello no longer offers duty/tax estimations due to shopper confusion about the feture in the past.
  • Any brand customizations you have set up on the new Checkout will apply to Hello as well.

How to migrate to the new Hello 

Currently the new Hello is in beta, and as such you will need to reach out to our Product to get started. Our team responsible for the new Hello will work directly with you to see if you are a good fit and assist with integrating.

To get started, reach out to We will then work with you to get you set up with the new Hello.

Once you have migrated to the new Hello, your Dashboard settings for Hello will also be updated to allow you to configure all of the new functionality. We encourage you to review the new Hello settings and configure them to your liking.

Zonos is also able to assist with migrating back and forth between the legacy Hello and the new Hello experience. If you would like to migrate back to the legacy Hello, please contact Zonos support and we will be happy to assist you.

Testing the new Hello 

Once you have migrated to the new Hello, we recomend testing it to ensure that everything is working as expected and that everything is configured properly. See our testing guide for extensive instructions on how to test Hello.

Provide feedback on the new Hello 

If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns about the new Hello experience, we highly encourage you to reach out to Zonos Support and they will get you in touch with either our CS team or our Product team. We are always looking for ways to improve Hello and your feedback is invaluable to us.

Frequently asked questions 

Is there a specific deadline for migrating?

While we highly encourage that you migrate to the new Hello, there is no hard deadline for migration currently. This may change in the future, but you are welcome to continue using the legacy Hello for the time being. We would, however, encourage you to migrate to take advantage of the new features and ongoing improvements to Hello.

Can I move back to the legacy Hello once I migrate?

You can move back to the legacy Hello at any time, but we ask that you provide some brief feedback on the reasons why you prefer the legacy Hello so that we can continue to improve the new Hello experience. Our long term plan is to sunset the legacy Hello, but we have no solid end-of-life date yet.

Does migrating cost anything?

Migrating to the new Hello is free and there are no additional fees for using the new Hello.

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