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Manually create orders through Dashboard.


There are several reasons why you might want to place manual orders using Zonos Checkout. It can be useful for testing and troubleshooting purposes, allowing you to simulate customer purchases and ensure that everything is working as expected. Additionally, it can be helpful for fulfilling orders that were placed outside of your online store, such as phone or email orders. Manual orders can also be a useful tool for managing orders that require special attention or customization, such as orders with specific delivery instructions or unique shipping requirements.

Steps to create orders 

Follow these steps to manually create an order in Dashboard.


Create order from Dashboard

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Orders.
  2. Click Create order in the top-right.
  3. A window will appear where you can enter your customer details.



Enter customer details

In the window that pops up, you will be able to enter all of the customer detail you want for your manually created order. Once you do that, you can either send a link to the cart to your customer so that they can enter payment info and place the order or you can enter payment details directly and place the order yourself.


Optional—Enter customer payment details and place order

If you know what payment details you or the customer wants to use to place this manual order, you can enter them directly from the "Create order" screen in Dashboard and place the order. If you enter payment information, the order will be synced into Dashboard and your ecommerce platform (where available) just like any other international order with Zonos. The email used in Step 2 will get all associated order notifications as if it was used to place the order through your online storefront.


Optional—Send payment link to your customer

If you don't wish to instantly place the order or don't know the payment details that need to be used for this order, you can instead copy a link to the cart and send it to your customer. This will allow them to access the pre-filled cart and enter their payment information and place the order. This is useful if you are trying to send a payable link to someone shopping over the phone, for custom orders, or in situations where you don't have an ecommerce storefront.

To copy a link to your payment, click the "Copy link" button next to the "Place order" button. Once the order has been placed by the customer by using the payment link, it will show up in Dashboard and by synced to your ecommerce platorm as if it was placed directly through your storefront.


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