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Update products in Catalog

Modify existing products with new values.

Catalog's Edit Products feature enables you to update your existing products with additional or updated information efficiently. Instead of having to delete and re-upload the product, you can upload the updated information, and Catalog will match it with the existing product using the catalog identifier (SKU/Product ID). This way, you can keep your catalog up-to-date with minimal effort, whether you use the Dashboard or the API to create new products or edit existing products.

Changes to existing products 

If you create/edit a catalog product that already exists in Catalog, expect the following:

Catalog will write over blank fields on existing items.

  • For example, if an existing product, SKU 321, didn't have a value for weight, and the same product, SKU 321, had a weight of 1.3 lbs in the new upload, the 1.3 lb weight would override the previously blank field.

Catalog will override existing fields with new field values.

  • For example, if an existing product, SKU 123, had a price of 18.99 USD and the same product, SKU 123, had an updated price of 22.99 USD, the new price of 22.99 USD would override the previous price.

Catalog will not override existing values with blank fields.

  • For example, if an existing product, SKU 456, had an HS code of 6109.10, but the HS code of the updated product, SKU 456, is blank, the existing HS code remains.

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