Integrate via api


Integrate via API

Discover how to use inclusive pricing on your website via API.

Our GraphQL Landed Cost API allows you to use inclusive pricing on your website seamlessly. When you request a landed cost, our system automatically checks if inclusive pricing is active and enabled for the destination country, then uses the inclusive prices from Catalog without requiring any changes to your API request. Items in the checkout that have inclusive prices in Catalog will not have additional duties, taxes, or fees at checkout. Items in the checkout that do not have an inclusive price in Catalog will get dynamic landed costs added separately at checkout. Activate inclusive pricing in Dashboard to start using your inclusive prices.

How to use inclusive prices via API 

Inclusive pricing is a premium feature that requires its own subscription. Once subscribed, you can set up inclusive pricing in Dashboard. This setup involves choosing the countries where you wish to apply inclusive pricing (or using our recommendations) and adjusting duties, taxes, and fees as needed. After making your selections, we calculate and store the inclusive prices for your items in Catalog, but do not use them in your checkout yet. To leverage these prices on your website via the API, two main steps must be synchronized:

  1. Display inclusive prices on your website
  2. Use inclusive pricing at checkout

Display inclusive prices on your website

Get each country-specific inclusive price by SKU via our Catalog API and display them on your website in place of your typical product price. Use Zonos Hello or another geolocator to indicate where your customer is shopping from to show the appropriate country-specific price.

Use inclusive pricing at checkout

When you're ready to start using inclusive pricing, activate inclusive pricing by going to Dashboard -> Settings -> Inclusive Pricing -> Activate. With activation, inclusive pricing becomes effective in all enabled countries, automatically applying inclusive prices to landed cost quotes at checkout.

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