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Get started with Catalog

Create and import products.

Use Zonos Catalog to manage your products and the details needed for cross-border shipping and selling. Learn how to create a product or bulk import products into Catalog. You can also find details about Catalog product fields, including SKU, Product ID, Name, Description, and other attributes, and which fields are required or optional.

Import via API

To import programmatically, use the Catalog API to import products.

Add products 

Please review the available product fields prior to adding products so you can include the appropriate product information.

Create a product

  1. Log in to Dashboard.
  2. Go to Catalog and click on Add product in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Add your product details. The only field required to create a product is the SKU and/or product ID field(s). These fields will be used to reference your catalog products. Learn more about Catalog's identifiers.
  4. Optional— Add your classification details.
  5. Optional— Add your shipping information (weight, dimensions, etc.).
  6. Optional— Add restricted countries.
  7. Click Save product.

Import products

  1. Download the Catalog CSV template.
  2. Map your product details to the Zonos CSV template fields. Learn more about the product detail fields.
  3. Save your file as a CSV.
  4. Upload your new CSV file to Catalog by dragging and dropping your file or by clicking browse to find and select your file. Note that the maximum file size for Catalog upload is 100 MB, or about 100,000 products.
  5. Follow the prompts to review your uploaded products and correct fields if there are any errors.
  6. Click Import.

Learn more about the process of bulk product imports to Catalog through our Catalog CSV guide.

Catalog product fields 

Catalog provides flexibility in using SKUs, product IDs, or a combination of both for product creation. Learn more about Catalog identifiers and see a breakdown of each product field below:

Product details

SKUThe code that identifies the product within your business.
Product IDThe product identifier, commonly the ID from your ecommerce platform.
NameThe name of your product.
DescriptionThe full description of your product.
Customs descriptionConcise product description for the commercial invoice.
Image URLThe image URL for the product.
Country of originThe country the product was manufactured in.
Price and currencyThe price you're charging for the product and its currency. Catalog supports up to 3 price decimals. E.g., 104.999
BrandThe product's brand.
MaterialThe main material or composition of your product.
Product typeDetermines whether the product is a physical or digital good (E.g., E-Books).
Packing preferenceWhether your product ships alone or can be consolidated with other products (most common).
WeightThe product's unit of measure and weight. Catalog supports the following weight units: Ounces, pounds, grams, and kilograms. A weight unit of measure is required when adding or editing a weight value. Catalog supports up to two weight decimals. E.g., 9.55
DimensionsThe product's unit of measure and dimensions. Catalog supports the following dimensional units: Inches, feet, yards, millimeters, centimeters, and meters. A dimensional unit is required when adding or editing dimensional values. Catalog supports up to two dimensional decimals. E.g., 8.02
HS codesThe product's universal and country-specific Harmonized System (HS) tariff code(s). Add your 6-digit universal HS code in the first HS code field, and then you can add country-specific HS codes underneath by clicking the + under your 6-digit code.
Restricted countriesRestrict your product from being shipped to certain countries by specifying the countries where shipping is restricted. By utilizing this feature, you can prevent shoppers from purchasing certain products if their shipping address belongs to any of the restricted countries you have defined.

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