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Find and understand your Zonos invoices.


Understanding Zonos invoices is crucial for tracking your expenses and maintaining financial records. These invoices show fees for services used and how those fees are calculated.

Understand your invoice 

Each invoice includes a total, invoice breakdown, and list of relevant orders (if applicable). These may look a little different depending on your integration and the services that you use.

Duty and Tax app
Landed Cost API
DDP enablement for carriers

Invoice total

The total for the invoice will always display in USD. If you are viewing your current month, this will be a running total of the amount your upcoming invoice includes so far. USPS label costs will not be included in the running total, as they are invoiced separately.

Invoice breakdown

Your invoice includes a breakdown of all the charges you are being asked to pay. Only the charges that apply to your account will appear.

Standard charges

Zonos platform feeYearly, monthly installments are availableAccess to Dashboard requires a platform fee. This is only charged once per year no matter how many Zonos services you use. Monthly installments are available to all integrations except for Shopify.
Duties and taxesWeeklyDuties and taxes that were paid in the checkout. Zonos collects these from you so that we can remit them on your behalf.
Zonos FeesWeeklyThis is the cost of Zonos' guaranteed landed cost. It is made up of a $2 per shipment Shipment fee and a landed cost fee of 10% of the duties, taxes, and fees.
Setup feeOne-timeMost integrations require a one-time setup fee to ensure Zonos is set up properly. Shopify does not require a setup fee.

Additional charges

Certification to print labels outside of DashboardYearlyRetailers who want to print guaranteed labels outside of Dashboard must complete certification with Zonos. Zonos will help you set up your systems properly and provide ongoing support to maintain certification.
USPS labelsWeeklyLabels printed from Dashboard use Zonos' USPS account. The USPS labels charge is the cost of the USPS labels that you printed via Dashboard. Zonos does not charge for the label generation service; the cost is the direct cost of the shipping labels themselves.
Foreign tax registrationVariableRegistration is generally included with our guaranteed landed cost. For those not using our guarantee, you may see additional registration costs here as an add-on service.


Your invoice includes a list of relevant orders. When you use our Duty and Tax app, your ecommerce platform processes your customer's order, which includes the landed cost quote provided by Zonos. The ecommerce platform then pays you the funds collected, including the landed cost quote. However, Zonos still needs to pay the duties and taxes on your behalf. To do this, Zonos invoices you for the landed cost quote so we can pay the duties and taxes for you. The landed cost quote also includes your Zonos fees. You will see these fees broken out from the duties, taxes, and carrier fees per order:

  • Zonos order ID
  • Order number—ecommerce platform order ID
  • Duties, taxes, and fees—the amount that your shopper paid for duties, taxes, and fees, including Zonos' fees.

View more details about an order in the invoice

  • Click on the line item for the order to expand the details to view the breakdown of Zonos fees and duties, taxes, and carrier fees. You'll also see the date of the order and the destination country.
  • Click on the blue Zonos order ID to go directly to the order page for that order.

Export orders in the invoice

To export order details for all orders in the invoice, click the button Export orders.

View invoices


Find and view your invoice in a couple of simple steps:

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Billing -> Invoices.
  2. Recent invoices will appear. Click on the one you would like to view in detail.

View upcoming invoice total

To view a running total of your upcoming invoice:

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Billing -> Invoices.
  2. Your upcoming invoice total and the date that it is due will be displayed at the top of the page.
  3. Click See cost breakdown if you would like to view the breakdown of your current invoice.

Export invoice as a CSV

To export a CSV of your invoice:

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Billing -> Invoices.
  2. Click on the invoice.
  3. Click Export CSV in the top right.

Download invoice

To download a pdf of your invoice:

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Billing -> Invoices.
  2. Click on the invoice.
  3. Click Download invoice.

Download invoice receipt

To download your receipt for an invoice you paid:

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Billing -> Invoices.
  2. Click on the invoice.
  3. Click on the arrow at the top, next to the numbered title of the invoice.
  4. Click Download receipt.

Sample invoice

Main invoice page
Duty and Tax app

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