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Classify confidence score

Learn how Classify's confidence scoring works.

Discover how Zonos Classify utilizes entropy confidence scoring and how to modify your minimum confidence score.

How it works 

The confidence score in Classify is a numerical value between 0% and 100%, expressed as a decimal, representing a classification's accuracy level. To calculate the confidence score, Classify uses entropy, which is a method from information theory that is used to measure the amount of uncertainty or randomness in the data. The higher the uncertainty, the lower the confidence score; conversely, the lower the uncertainty, the higher the confidence score. This method provides a more detailed understanding of the uncertainty in the classifications, resulting in a more accurate confidence score, compared to the standard probability approach, which is simply quantifying the most likely option.

For example, if you only provide the information "sweater" or "food", one might think the two categories have an equal chance of being correct. However, there are 10 subheadings under "sweaters" (6110.20) and 600 subheadings under "other food preparations" (2106.90). Entropy-based confidence scores can take this difference into account and therefore show much higher confidence in the "sweater" classification than in the "food" classification.

Adjust your minimum confidence score 

While Classify has a default confidence score, you can adjust the score to suit your business needs. If the confidence score is less than your desired percentage, Classify will not return an HS code. Instead, it will notify you an HS code could not be found and prompt you to add more product information.

Classify's confidence score is an essential part of Classify as it ensures we return HS codes within your risk tolerance. For example, if you set your confidence score at 25%, Classify likely will not provide classifications for ambiguous descriptions like "handmade accessories" or "dragon pack." However, by reducing the confidence score to 0%, Classify will make assumptions, such as classifying "handmade accessories" as "bracelets" and "dragon pack" as a "toy", to ensure you receive a classification response whenever possible.

To consult with a classification expert and to adjust your confidence score level, reach out to

Confidence scores and provided HS codes 

If you supply a provided HS code, Classify does not return a confidence score. This is because Classify's operates under the assumption that the provided HS code is valid or reasonably coherent. Consequently, attempting to generate a confidence score becomes challenging in such cases, as we inherently trust the user-provided HS code without subjecting it to our standard confidence scoring methodology.

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