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Learn about integrations available for Magento.

Three extensions are available to integrate with your Magento 2.0 platform. All three extensions can be found on the Magento Marketplace extension store, they are as follows:

At this time, Zonos does not have an extension available for Magento Enterprise Edition.

Extensions available for Magento 

Determining which Magento extension is best for your business depends on your process and current workflow. The Zonos Checkout extension for Magento is robust, offering more features than our Landed Cost extension for Magento. If it is necessary for you to process orders through the Magento checkout, the latter may be a better solution.

The Zonos Hello extension is included with the Checkout and Landed Cost extensions for Magento. It localizes the international shopping experience.

Landed Cost vs. Checkout comparison

Below is a features comparison for the Landed Cost extension vs. the Checkout extension for Magento.

Please feel free to reach out to a Zonos Sales Associate to discuss which option is best for you.

FeaturesLanded Cost for MagentoCheckout for Magento
Duty and tax quotesYESYES
Full landed costYESYES
Zonos Hello includedYESYES
Landed cost detailed breakdownNOYES
Restricted itemsNOYES
Fraud coverageNOYES
Custom messagingNOYES
Custom rulesNOYES
Denied party screeningNOYES
International label creationNOYES
Internationally-optimized checkoutNOYES
Uses Magento CheckoutYESNO
Uses Magento promo codesYESNO
Syncs tracking numbers from Dashboard to MagentoNOYES
Syncs tracking numbers from Magento to DashboardNOYES
Carrier rulesYESYES
Shipping rulesYESYES
Dimensional shippingYESYES
Multiple carriersYESYES
Estimated delivery datesYESYES
Display times in transitYESYES

Contact us if you have any questions concerning Zonos for Magento or pricing.

Next steps

Are you ready to get started? Choose a plugin to learn about the installation process.

  • Landed Cost- Learn how to install the Landed Cost plugin directly from the Magento Marketplace.

  • Checkout - View the installation guide for our Magento Checkout plugin.

  • Hello- Get details on how to install Hello for your Magento store.

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