Yes, there is more than one carrier — our solution handles that!
Zonos® integrates all the best logistical solutions. Choose 1, 2, 3, or even 10: You decide!



Why? If your business is using a GELP provider (Global eCommerce Logistics and Payments) then, bad news: You are stuck with one shipper and few options. This would never fly in your domestic business.

With Zonos, just pick the best logistic option(s), add in the leading technology, and watch your revenue flow in.

Simply the smart way to go.

We deliver technology,
not boxes.

Zonos does not offer consolidation or shipping services.
Instead, we provide you with the cross-border eCommerce connections to any carrier you wish to use.

We're not what you're used to.

A single integration
with long-term flexibility

What’s the alternative to Zonos?

You pick a consolidator or a shipper that will supply a checkout for international. After all the hard work of integrating, you decide to change or add shipping options. Now, you have to start over by integrating costly checkout technology, as well as wasting precious time and resources.

Losing control of your technology is expensive.

Don’t lose control! Zonos is your long-term strategy.

in your control

Zonos: The only company with resources, experience, and technology.

We will provide you with the results to manage multiple carrier and service level options. Hundreds of eCommerce merchants have integrated the Zonos solution to get the correct shipping quotes, landed cost, and the ultimate checkout experience for their shoppers.

Don't get caught in a box. Step out into the world.

Find freedom - Gain control

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