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What’s new with Indonesia’s taxation law

By Chanel Barnes

August 28, 2020 / 0 min read - Last updated: October 20, 2022

As an international retailer selling to Indonesia, if you sell over 600 million rupiah (IDR) annually or if your website traffic exceeds 12,000 per year, you may be appointed by the Indonesia Director-General of Tax as a VAT collector. As of August 1, 2020, the Indonesian government does not clearly state whether or not an ecommerce business falls under the criteria of a VAT collector.

What to do if you’re above the 600m threshold?

If you’re above the threshold and appointed by the Indonesian government, the Director-General of Tax will reach out and provide you with further instructions to activate your account, update your data, etc. Once you complete this, your appointment as a VAT collector will be effective.

All VAT collectors must collect, report, and pay 10% multiplied by the Tax Imposition Base, which is the amount paid by the buyer (not including the VAT). The VAT applies to all intangible goods and taxable services.

How likely am I to be appointed as a VAT collector?

It most likely doesn’t. The Director-General of Tax has only appointed six companies as VAT collectors. These companies include Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, and Google.

If you are appointed, click here to learn more about how it will affect you, steps you should take, and how Zonos can help.

What if I become a VAT collector for the Indonesian tax laws?

Sit tight! If you are appointed as a VAT collector, the Indonesia Director-General of Tax will reach out to you directly and provide you with further instructions.

How Zonos can help

Are you covered for taxation in Indonesia? Zonos duty and tax solutions can help. We’re here ready to assist with managing the Indonesian tax law and any similar law that may go into effect, including New Zealand’s GST and Australia’s GST taxation laws, and the Norway VOEC scheme.

  • Zonos Hello can help inform Indonesian customers when they won’t pay any duty or VAT.
  • We can also collect tax at checkout for Indonesian customers.
  • We will continue to keep our customers informed on the latest updates to the Indonesian tax law along with any other country taxation updates.

Additional resources

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