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Is your social media working for international customers?

Last updated on May 24th, 2019 -

Listen to our discussion on how an international e-commerce business can effectively use social media. The webinar includes an interview of Rick and Vanessa Lowe from Synergy Reef.

Rick and Vanessa Lowe are entrepreneurs that have grown a global e-commerce business using social media and forum engagement to find new international customers. They don’t have vast resources or a large marketing budget, but they find success through social media.

Key Topics:

  • What platforms and why?
  • How to make a social media strategy that fits your budget?
  • How to manage social media for a small to medium e-commerce organization?
  • How is international social media different from domestic social media?
  • How to turn social media into customers?
  • Gather ideas, get advice, and learn best practices.

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