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Is your brand global?

Last updated on May 28th, 2019 -

If you want answers about how to take your brand to the world, there’s no better person to speak with than Kelly Stacey, Vice President of Customer Relationships for CGS (Computer Generated Solutions) the learning systems and outsourcing services experts. 

Listen to our discussion on developing an international brand, multi-channel marketing, smart fulfillment strategies, and growing your international business.

Kelly Stacey is an executive-level operation, sales, marketing and branding professional with 20+ years leading and consulting in B2B and B2C environments. Currently, Kelly leads the development of advisor relationships with fashion and apparel brands to provide strategic supply chain direction and planning

Key Topics:

  • Complexity of International: Credit cards, Friendly to customers, Checkout, Marketing, Shipping
  • First Shot with GELP (Global Ecommerce Logistics, & Payments): Big delay, Not tight, Miss ships, Clunky, Prevents scaling, Trust issues, Lose touch with brand
  • Take Control: Work directly with customers, Control supply chain, Packaging, Quality control, Less returns, Time to customers, Credit card security
  • Other Considerations: Platform, Integration, Being internationally ready

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