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Choose landed cost over duty and tax


Choose landed cost over duty and tax Learn why duty and tax calculations alone are not enough for cross-border shipments, and why a full landed cost is the only reasonable solution. When it comes to landed cost, most people think that duties and taxes are the only fees that an international order incurs. Duties and taxes only account for a fraction of the total landed cost; fees such as brokerage...

EU VAT – What’s changing and why it’s important


  EU VAT – What’s changing and why it’s important James Marley is our UK-based cross-border expert whose specialty is taking complex, mundane topics like EU VAT and decoding them into simplified, humorous guides. On July 1, 2021, the European Union (EU) will reform its Value-Added Tax (VAT) rules. If you have an ecommerce business that ships orders to the EU then these new rules may...

Guide to expanding your ecommerce business internationally


Last updated on May 13th, 2021 - Navigating cross-border ecommerce: Global compliance and customer experience Ecommerce sales volume is rapidly growing more and more each year. It’s no longer just a means for people to shop for products they can’t find in their area; rather, it is many people’s preferred method of shopping. Hence, it is no surprise that ecommerce is a competitive industry, and in...

HS tariff code classification meets machine learning


Machine learning meets HS tariff code classification At Zonos, our team of industry and software experts is always working on ways to simplify cross-border trade. One aspect of this is ensuring that any business moving products across borders has those items properly classified. All countries use the same system to describe the products you sell called the Harmonized Code system. Having your...


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