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BoxC and Zonos partner to create a seamless ecommerce trade experience

January 25, 2023

BoxC and Zonos partner to create a seamless ecommerce trade experience

BoxC and Zonos partner to create a seamless ecommerce trade experience

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, January 25, 2023 / — BoxC and Zonos announced today that they have partnered to provide the industry’s most comprehensive ecommerce logistics management solutions to digitalize the payment and collection of duties and taxes for cross-border ecommerce shipments.

The combined solutions help shippers and logistics service providers reduce late or rejected shipments by automating many of the processes involved in managing them. Processes, such as handling duty and tax calculation and collection, are critical to buying, selling, and shipping goods internationally—though challenging, they can’t be avoided.

In today’s competitive logistics market, one company cannot possibly provide every aspect of what is needed to ensure shipments arrive on time and in full. BoxC and Zonos realized that combining their efforts creates a “freightech” solution with strengths that bring a competitive synergy to the ecommerce market, delivering a combined value not found elsewhere.

McKinsey and Company recently completed a study on trade digitalization, concluding that companies could save $6.5 billion in direct costs while enabling $40 billion in global trade by streamlining trade documentation, a paper-intensive and resource-consuming process. Moreover, automated prepayment and the standardization of digitized documentation globally, add a new facet of efficiency and productivity to the cumbersome process. Michael Pakula, CEO of BoxC said the following:

“We recognized that both companies offered shippers complimentary services for international ecommerce and decided that, by partnering, we could offer a more complete and better solution for cross-border ecommerce than what currently exists in the industry.”

One of the initial benefits of the partnership is that ecommerce retailers using Zonos’ Landed Cost guarantee service can link their BoxC account via API so that the collection and payment of duties and taxes is a seamless experience.

“We are excited to announce our forthcoming integration capabilities with BoxC and provide this joint offering to our merchants and partners worldwide. This inclusive cross-border enablement solution pairs landed cost transparency with customizable logistics options. This combination will empower businesses to manage costs while scaling to achieve their global growth initiatives,” said Tiffanie Archie, Strategic Partner Manager at Zonos.

About BoxC 

BoxC is a leading provider of ecommerce logistics management solutions designed to eliminate the limitations of traditional shipping and logistics solutions. The company’s platform leverages the existing and underutilized infrastructure and provides all the tools for international ecommerce logistics management in a single platform, enabling logistics companies and ecommerce retailers to build their own international shipping solutions.

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About Zonos 

Zonos is on a mission to create trust in global trade with API and plugin technology that allows ecommerce and logistics companies to simplify and scale their international business processes. Zonos is decreasing barriers for businesses to sell across borders and for carriers to offer seamless international services to make global markets more accessible to everyone. For more information, please visit


BoxC and Zonos Partner to Create a Seamless Ecommerce Trade Experience

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