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AuthorJames Marley

James grew up in the UK and ex-pat communities of the Middle East, Africa and Russia. Following University in the UK, he helped launch a start-up based in Venice Beach, California. After a decade of continuous success and experience, including working in South America and the Far East, James took a chance to establish another start-up based in Teton Valley, Idaho. Thankfully, it failed and went on to provide a definitive period of personal development resulting in a more analytic and patient approach to business. Returning to the United Kingdom, James spent 5 years working in International Development with DHL Express. James now supports Zonos with Global Partnerships. James is a firm believer that hard work, humour and honesty are the fundamental tenets of success.

Post-Brexit cheat sheet: Shipping into the UK


Last updated on April 14th, 2021 - Shipping into the UK after Brexit Welcome to part 2 of the Post-Brexit shipping blog series! Online retailers outside of the UK or EU shipping to the UK, this post is for you! You may have read our previous blog post outlining the need-to-knows for the following types of shipments: Rest of world (ROW) → UK EU → UK; UK → EU ROW → EU This post will highlight in...


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