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What you should know about Norway’s VOEC scheme


Learn about the upcoming Norway VOEC
(VAT on Ecommerce)

Norway VAT on ecommerce VOEC scheme

Starting April 1st, 2020, Norway will implement a simplified VAT scheme called VOEC (VAT on Ecommerce). This new scheme will replace the current VAT exemption of 350 NOK on low-value imported goods to consumers.

  • The tax de minimis will change for all goods to zero. VAT will be applied to all items, regardless of value or whether or not you are VOEC-registered. 
  • All goods shipped within the VOEC scheme will be duty-free. For goods outside the scheme, the duty de minimis will change to zero, and those goods will incur duty regardless of value.

Here’s what we’ll be covering below in this post:

  • What does Norway’s VOEC scheme mean?
  • Who is impacted by the Norway VOEC?
  • Actions needed, if any
  • How Zonos can help

What does Norway’s VOEC scheme mean?

Norway is essentially following in the footsteps of Australia and New Zealand, who have both made similar changes as of July 1st, 2018 and December 1st, 2019, respectively.

When the new law is implemented, foreign sellers and online marketplaces (not established in Norway) must register with the Norwegian Tax Authority once their VAT liable sales reach NOK 50,000 (approximately $5,500 USD or €5,000 EUR) during a 12-month period. They will also be required to collect VAT at the point of sale on low-value goods (valued at less than NOK 3,000) and remitted back to the Norwegian Tax Authority on a quarterly basis.

Who is impacted by the Norway VOEC?

This new simplified scheme will affect B2C businesses if they meet the following thresholds for selling goods into Norway.

  • More than NOK 50,000 (~$5,500 USD or €5,000 EUR)
  • Low-value goods valued under NOK 3,000 (~$313 USD or €273 EUR)

Where possible, Zonos will notify its customers if they are close to the NOK 50,000 threshold, but they are also welcome to verify their sales data to Norway customers.


The Norway VOEC scheme does NOT apply to the following types of goods.

  • Foodstuffs (goods meant for human consumption), such as nutritional/dietary supplements
  • Goods subject to excise duties, such as tobacco and alcohol that are subject to import control
  • Restricted imports or illegal goods according to Norwegian law

Actions needed, if any

If you will not be over the NOK 50,000 threshold in a 12-month period and will not sell low-value goods below NOK 3,000 directly to Norwegian consumers, then there’s nothing you will need to do!

For those that are over the NOK 50,000 threshold (or expect to meet this amount in a 12-month period) for low-value goods under NOK 3,000, you will need to register with the Norwegian Tax Authority. See information below for registration details.

VAT also needs to be collected at point of sale. Ensure you maintain report information of VAT collection, and remit back to the Norwegian Tax Authority on a quarterly basis.

VAT needs to be reported and paid beginning on the 1st of January, 1st of April, 1st of July, and the 1st of October. Payment will be due 20 days after the end of the quarter. For example, payment for Q4 beginning on the 1st of January is due by the 20th of January.

How to register with the Norwegian Tax Authority

The supplier (either the seller, an intermediary agent or electronic platform) needs to register by going to www.skatteetaten.no/voec.

After initial registration, you will be given an identification (VOEC) number and password.

Avoid double taxation

To avoid a second VAT collection at the border, make sure to keep records of VOEC information that shows VAT has already been collected at the point of sale.

How Zonos can help

We’re here ready to assist with managing the Norway VOEC scheme and any similar law that may go into effect, including New Zealand’s GST and Australia’s GST taxation laws.

  • We will be letting Zonos customers know if they are getting close to the Norway VOEC threshold.
  • We can register any affected business for Norway’s VOEC scheme on their behalf.
  • Zonos Hello can help inform Norwegian customers when they won’t pay any duty or VAT.
  • We can also collect tax at checkout for Norwegian customers.
  • We will continue to keep our customers informed on the latest updates to Norway’s VOEC scheme along with any other country taxation updates.

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