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Last updated on July 23rd, 2020 -

decode (dēˈkōd) – to take out of code and put into an intelligible form

When you are first introduced to Zonos, the circle included in the logo appears to be random. But in fact, it is not. The symbol itself is a cipher and contains an encoded word. The cipher is a literal representation of our mission to decode cross-border.

The Zonos mission is to create trust in global trade. The team at Zonos wanted a logo that represented our mission and culture; the by-product is that it communicates to our industry. The Zonos cipher also gives a bit of a nod and wink-wink to our unique personalities.

Source: https://zonos.com/createyourcipher

Complementing our vision, the cipher demonstrates how something complex can be made simple. At Zonos, we stand for transparency and simplicity, which is the opposite of everything cross-border. There are so many different variables, e.g. duties, taxes and fees, compliance, payments, shipping calculations, and other unpleasant surprises when you sell or ship internationally. Global eCommerce can appear complex and challenging, but Zonos helps merchants crack the code.

Decoding the Barbury crop circle

cipher (ˈsīfər) – to put (a message) into secret writing; encode

The idea for the Zonos cipher is rooted in our internal science fiction-loving culture. We were drawn to the real-life story that showed a complex symbol being decoded and translated. On June 1st, 2008 – in a barley field on a small farm near Barbury Castle in Wiltshire, UK, a crop circle was discovered. The crop circle was unique in its pattern, but no one understood the meaning behind the symbol.

Location: Barbury, United Kingdom

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1027178/Easy-pi-Astrophysicist-solves-riddle-Britains-complex-crop-circle.html

It was not until a year later when a retired astrophysicist Mike Reed, on the other side of the world, saw a photograph and decoded what was believed to be a random pattern. Upon closer inspection, with the proper process, it was discovered that the crop circle was in fact, a number. The circle was a pictorial representation of the first 10 digits of Pi – 3.141592654. Today, this has come to be known as the Barbury crop circle.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1027178/Easy-pi-Astrophysicist-solves-riddle-Britains-complex-crop-circle.html

The Barbury crop circle looked incredibly complicated until someone decoded it. Once the correct formula was discovered, the simple meaning was exposed. Zonos is simplifying cross-border eCommerce and paving the way for merchants to change the way they sell internationally. For us, branding Zonos is as important internally as it is externally. Our team is continually reminded to look at the challenges cross-border presents as an opportunity to decode and add transparency to an industry that has never seen it.

Make your own cipher

Want to try making your very own cipher? You can visit our Create your Cipher page, which is Zonos’ tribute to our space-loving culture and our contribution to those interested in semiotics and uncovering the hidden meanings behind symbols.

Learn more about Zonos

If you are interested in simplifying the cross-border experience or if you want to learn more about Zonos, please reach out to us via our Contact Us page.

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